Who are We?

Founded originally in Colwyn Bay, Wales, UK.

The company got its start as LiveTime 24/7, LTD in 2007. After founding VetEnvoy and playing a role building a consortium of more than 90 healthcare industry corporations to work together to build communications protocols and standards, we expanded internationally in 2009. In mid-2016, VetEnvoy Inc. completed the acquisition of LiveTime 24/7 LTD. Later that same year, Practice Messenger was born.

Great things are in store!

Practice Messenger will continue to revolutionize the healthcare industry and we have some exciting new products to roll out in the near future. Stay tuned!


Independent. Expert. Professional. Bleeding Edge. Different. Innovative. 

Practice Messenger has built an amazing team to support our long-term vision of simplifying healthcare, leading with value and supported by enabling technologies. 

If you are interested in joining our team, drop us a note and we'd love to get in touch.